Farmbot Web App

Hello makers,

when the different commands who take the label “comming soon” or “not all settings can be changed” will be effective.

how we can know if these settings works or not ?

it’s needed to update something or the website is auto-updated ?

i ask this because i need to use the camera and i don’t find any instruction to set it.

thank you and good afternoon

Hi, we hope for all of the features to be ready in February. Right now though things are still basically in beta and not really meant to be used. Stuff is changing often and sometimes breaking too, that’s why there are coming soon labels everywhere. We should have a more stable release out of the web app in about a month that has the core functions pretty stable and fully featured (manual controls, camera, tools, device settings, logs, the sequence builder, and regimens). At that point we will make an announcement, do a deploy, and update the labels :slight_smile:

Hi roryaronson,

hi roryaronson,
thank you for your answer, where did you make an annoucement ?

good afternoon.

I will make an announcement on our email newsletter, which you can sign up for here:

hi roryaronson,

very nice i wait for your annoucement.