Farmbot Weeder AM(Metal 3D printing)

Hi, FarmBot community,
We are happy to share our development of UTM materials use Additive Manufacturing application -

The weeder tool has been made using metal additive manufacturing. It can be used to press weeds and loosen soil easily, the solution also reduce the tool becoming loose during usage. This is a good example how new production technology can be used to improve tool performance.

The weeder tool design was modified in two ways. First, the plastic blade material was changed to Corrax (AISI 630 modified grade). Second, the tool was formed in one piece using EOS M290 laser melting process. These two modifications increased both the tensile strengh and the durability of the tool.

This proof of concept using stainless Corrax by additive manufaucturing was made possible with the cooperative sponsorship by Voestalpine Technology Institute Asia Co. and ASSAB Taiwan Co Ltd.

By Smart Greenhouse (Taiwan)