FarmBot with biointensive or similar growing

What do you think about connection between FarmBot and something like biointensive groving (something like on this link:

I like the idea to use the FarmBot as a tool which helps to grow your own food. But for me I would much more prefere the way it would fit to a various landscape then to a flat big fields. I understand that it could be technically a bit complicated but I would like that idea.

What do you think about it?


What design challenges can you see to make the farmbot better suited for biointensive groving? I can’t see much difference if the farmbot can access a larger, more circular crop area. Maybe a extentable arm on a pivot? and option to increase its own height as needed.

Hi Tim,
thanks for your response. I am sorry, I did not specified correctly what I meant. I like gardening and I like when the garden is not only about straight fields but like a something what fit to a landscape. I understand that the farmbot can be impemented also in such fields but would be probably just more expensive to do so. As the rails could be mounted on all the fields and then maybe moving manually day by day the top of the farmbot would be possible. I just do not like the idea when there will be a big straight field farmed by the bot. From the logical point of view when somebody wants to grow as much food as possible for himselve, there is nothing bad on the idea to have a big straight field. But like I said before, I like the gardens where it fit to a various lendscape.

I hope I explained my intention a bit better then before and also I wanted to say sorry for my english. I hope it is readable for others.

Biointensive, if I understand properly, would be planting seedlings, instead of seeds. This would require new tools and a way for the bot to know what’s what. So hardware and software mods would be required. This is ignoring the other challenges described above.

Bio intensive farming looks like a branch of permaculture. It also looks promising. Here is the Wikipedia:

I also like permaculture and agree with most of the concepts of bio intensive farming. I really like companion planting (or poly cropping) and farmbot is suited for this. Right now I have a bias for no-till as opposed to double digging. Otherwise, the rest of the concepts of bio intensive farming seem agreeable to me.