Farmbot without internet - Various Issues

Hi !

For some reasons we are not able to provide constant WIFI or Ethernet connection to our Farmbot. At the beginning we were connected to it with an instant hotspot in order to update Farm Event and sync the device.
We faced one issue when the farmbot was “offline” : the first event launched but not the following ones. We solved it by shutting down auto update.

Then the Farmbot worked well for about two weeks. But after, it crashed, and since it behaves like if auto-update was on. I updated to 6.2.1 software but the problem persists.

Are you aware of that bug ?

Use a Belkin router and set the unit to DMZ after you have identified the IP address it uses. Set the subnet up with dns

Then use the router behind your isp router and set that to DMZ the front end of the Belkin. Set the Belkin WAN to static. Solid connection via wired!

Hi ! Maybe i have not been clear. But this is a choice not to have constant Internet connection. But the farmbot should work without actually but it does not under the 6.2.1 (kind of constant reboot so that farm events dont work.

Yep got the same issue. We’re you able to get the farmbot gantry to move without the internet? So a local setup but no internet?

I can ping solid wired but no movement without internet.

Yes i was able to run gantry without internet with farm event . But now it is impossible. It is like it reboots all the time.