Farmbot won't connect to

We had all sorts of issues getting our farmbot to be reliable over wireless, we have now had the device hard wired but it won’t connect to the cloud at all now. The unit takes the configuration and then reboots, try to connect and then reports the following error.

Last shutdown reason “nxdomain”

Any ideas? The device is set to use DHCP, if I plug my laptop into the wired connection it works fine.

Hello SMC-CFI.
We had the same or very similar issues. (We saw many “nxdomain” messages, were unable to configure wired network)
Are you on a school or corporate network?
Are you behind a firewall you can access or view/modify?
Our connection problem was eventually resolved by allowing a number of ports & IP addresses added to or allowed to pass through the firewall.
We are on a California public school network, and I think that these networks/firewall are pretty restrictive.
How we resolved it was to work with the school district IT folks. (The firewall guy, in particular.)
What he did was to view the firewall logs for the FarmBot MAC address while it went through its boot-up. He was able to see what the FarmBot was attempting to reach, what was getting either bounced back or blocked, and the creating exceptions for the FB or allowing the traffic to pass through
I gave him the following list of what I believed was needed by FB:

Ports (This is a list of all the ports and locations I believe the FarmBot needs access to)
5672 (AMQP)
1883 (MQTT)
8883 (MQTT over SSL)
80 (HTTP)
443 (HTTPS)
NTP servers (on UDP port 123) ( &
TCP port 13 (used by the NIST client software by default and by other programs that use the “daytime” protocol)
TCP port 37 and UDP port 37 (used by DATE, RDATE, SDATE and by other programs that use the “time” protocol.)
NAME SERVERS (this should be the IP’s of the domain name servers- the IT folks should know this)

After a few tries, he reported back to me that he opened up a few ports, added some IP’s to the exception list and was able to verify that traffic from and to the FB was not getting rejected or blocked by the firewall.

If you still have problems after reading this working with the IT folks (or tweaking your own firewall), let me know and I will ask the firewall guy for more specific detail on what changes or mods he made.

Bottom line - after all of this our FB connects fine! (We are on hard wire too.)

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We were going back and forth with our IT department on Farmbot connecting to the Message Broker. Seems like they were opening the clever-octopus URL below, but not the brisk-bear URL mentioned in the IT Security document here:

For IT Security Professionals

Requirements, Ports, Hosts FarmBot requires access to various servers to operate properly. The first server is the web server (HTTPS). The servers are operated in the United States by Heroku, a Salesforce subsidiary. Heroku subcontracts their…

“The server’s public domain name is The RabbitMQ server will be upgraded in late 2018 to

Not sure if the upgrade to clever-octopus hasn’t happened yet, but opening the brisk-bear got our Farmbot connecting.

We are on a school network however the network that the Farmbot has been put into is a special network which has unfiltered access to the internet, All ports are allowed.

We had issues getting our FarmBot to work on a Wired connection. Neither worked for us DHCP or a Static IP in our school environment. I think ultimately for us we think its a firmware issue that results in the failure, the only thing that got our farmbot to work reliably was to connect an access point to the Network Drop and Run it wirelessly to that one AP. Works fine now without issue but id love to have it wired as intended.