FarmBots in the UK

Dear Julian,
Are you still suppling FarmBot kits in the UK?
Best wishes,

Hi Joel,

Yes, we (TVA G&C Ltd) are supplying Farmbot Kits in the UK. We are currently working with WeFarmbot to provide their version Farmbot (all but identical) but a little less expensive and with a level of local support and some extra development work.

We hope to be providing a full and part install and commission service very shortly once we have our network in place.

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Hi Julian,

I live in Bristol and would like to set up a system in my back garden. I have a long term plan to create an automated subsistence farm somewhere in the countryside surrounding Bristol. I see this kit as an important step towards this goal. Could you please send me some contact details to discuss setups and prices?

Cheers, Tom


Hi Tom, I’ll PM you with our contact derails.


Hi Julian,

we are a Team of Farmbot IoT guys set up a Farmbot in the netherland and Germany and are also interested in collaborate and scale some Farming Use cases.

Working the the agri business and combining IoT, Blockchain and AI. We are currently asking in another threat if anybody want to build a open collaboration and sharing video growing stream or IoT Data. Interested in that?

Over the API it would be possible to collect data from each Farmbot. Would you like to share and thing about future scenarios ? If yes please send a PN, reply or reach us via twitter

Happy Farming

Is there any operational FarmBort in UK? Is it possible to see?

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Hi Julian,

I am currently working in an aeroponics startup in the uk, we are working with farmers and local growers in Essex, Plymouth and Cambridgeshire regions. We are using high end sensors and patented technology to improve the supply chain but this automated process from farm bot would help us out alot to automate the system.

We would really like to collaborate with you guys in improving the supply chain.

We are partnered with the university of Essex, and Plymouth with connections in three large agricultural colleges and organisations.

It would be great to hear from you so I can show you our video.

Kind regards

Harry McDonough

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Did you get any replies ?. I am in Wiltshire on smallholding and interested. Rgds.

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Hi!! I’m from india. I want to start a small business with Aeroponic farming. I want to know what materials do I require to make a Aeroponic farming set up. Also where can I buy these materials?
Supriya :blush: