FarmBots in the UK

I run a growing high technology company in the UK. We’re based in the UK’s agricultural heartland between Lincolnshire and Norfolk and we are very interested in FarmBot and it’s potential for scaling up and possibly linking to our work with robotics and RFID systems. We’re hoping to assemble one from the documented specifications by the end of the year and already finding areas that can be improved and developed.

I was wondering if anyone else here is from the UK or Europe and would like to pool resources or join a consortium to get FarmBots up and running this side of the Pond? We’re upgrading our 3D printing capabilities so should be able to print the 3D printed parts reasonably quickly, and relatively inexpensively. Also looking at integrating some of the electronics using our PCB developer links.

So anyone from the UK interested in exchanging ideas?



Hi Julian,

I would love to know more and be part of your group. I have no real growing or farming knowledge but am keen to start a vegetable plot in our new house/garden so what better way to do it than by a farmbot. I own an AV company so would love to know how this could scale or integrate with other systems such as irrigation, lighting, heating, amazon echo etc etc.

Phil :grinning:

Hi Phil,

We’re just assembling our consortium at the moment. We have fabricators and electronics experts onboard who are currently finding local sources for the specified metal extrusions and electronics - we’re lucky to have one of the UK’s largest distributors of raspberry Pi on our doorstep, but hoping to create a ‘plug’n’play’ electronics set to make things easier. I think the FarmBot folk are looking at doing that too Stateside from what I’ve seen.

Being located in Norfolk and Lincolnshire we have access to a lot of growing and farming knowledge and there’s significant interest in scaling up such systems for used under glass. But I think the home user market is large too, especially if the price can be made affordable and easy to install and run.

Julian :relaxed:

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Hello, I am based in Edinburgh and work for the Edinburgh International Science Festival and am looking to put together and event about the rise of City based farming and would love to talk with you further. I think the farmbot is a really interesting piece of technology that could revolutionize the way people are able to farm at home. I am keen for FarmBot to be involved in the event in some way.

If you would be interested in talking further please contact me on;

thank you

Hi Julian,

Just come across Farmbot and really intrigued. I am thinking that we want to have a go at building one of these as well.

We are a designer and manufacturer of robotic systems and other electromechanical products based up near Newcastle. Interested in discussing further if there was a way to maybe join in and share the effort. I have lots of keen engineers and this type of project would probably create quite a bit of interest in the team.



Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve not replied earlier but I contacted Norovirus in December and then over Christmas and only just back to work, so things have been rather delayed.

But now ready to crack on and get our first Farmbot up and running end of Jan early Feb. then we want to extend the design and range from that base. Very happy to work with anyone else who would like to join in.

All the best,


Hi Julian, I have just joined the forum. I live in the Hertfordshire area and am very keen on building a FarmBot. I am currently teaching myself electronics and how to build components with Arduino. My main ultimate aim is to see if FarmBot can be adapted to work with aquaponics. As I see it there is not much change except for the water source and watering schedules. I am a software developer by trade so I will be interested to look at the programming side.

Cheers… Steve

Hi Steve,

Definitely interested in having you aboard the consortium if you are willing as we are looking for good software developers to assist with our extended variations. One of our members is already an experienced aquaponics developer and that’s something we have on our schedule to look at too.


Hi Julian, my business partner & I are in the process of starting a health & wellness company with a large focus on a diet made up of around 70% plants bases as part of the our recommended lifestyle blueprint as such a home based system to provide food where people know exactly where its coming from & looks after itself is very attractive, we would certainly be interested in being involved in someway if that appeals.

From a personal side I have a background in supply chain management (contract negotiation & management) in the oil & gas industry, if I can be of any help in that area I’m happy to assist.


Thanks James. Would be happy to have you on-board. I’d be interested to know more about your 70% plant diet system as I practice Calorie Restriction as part of a regulated diet and trying to get the right balance of nutrients is always tough.

Good to have someone else with supply chain management experience too. My background is IT Systems and Supply Chain Management (I handled the Pokemon Trading Card Game logistics in 1999/2000, which was a trial for all involved in supply chain management I can tell you!)


Great :slight_smile:

We’re in the process of finalising our blueprint so when’s its up & running I’ll pass you the link, & will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Yep supply chain is always a challenge from my experience!

Looking forward to collaborating.


Hi Julian, just thought I’d check in, I saw these guys targeting the home user market.

They are looking to start shipping their product in June (taking preorders now) this year but the price point is way too high @$899, where it competes with luxury goods purchases such as TVs or Laptops.

I would suggest a lower price point entry leasing/subscription model (with a refundable deposit) would be better & open the consumer up to lots of other potential products, be it luxury herbs, seasonal packs, lights to improve growing etc. far better for brand growth than a standalone product.

Starting with a small farmbot for herbs that could fit on window sills, or balconies would expand the consumer group & de-risk the supply chain to an extent from a materials, shipping etc. perspective.

I’d be interested to explore further if anyone has some ideas.

Hope you’re well.

Hi James,

That’s very much along the lines we’ve been think of too. You’re right, it;s getting the price point low that’s key. We’re meeting with a few suppliers next Monday and hope to get dramatic price reductions on extrusions of all sizes and parts produced by cnc faster and cheaper than current 3D printing.

Sorry about the delay replying but I’m recovering from a nasty bought of flu and not been at work for a week.


Hello @JulianMS, @JamesT, @Tiglath, @DaveS, @AJeffrey, @PT1104

We have just launched our Farmbot Kits for order, and we can also ship to UK (free delivery).
You can check our website to have a look and leave feedback.

If you are interested, let me know, i will be more than pleased to help you guys.

Thank you.

Hi Nicholas,

We are doing pretty much the same think here in the UK, supplying and developing kits.

We haven’t finalised our price point yet but it will be less than the kits from the USA, we’re hoping between £1800 - £2000 depending on config. ($2200 - $2500 approx) But we’re also upgrading considerably and reducing part count drastically by using a new extrusions kit system. We’ll also be offering full installs for the less technically minded users.

Additionally we are looking at the possibilities of scaling up and down for commercial and education users.

So there could be possibilities for co-operation :slight_smile:

PS What type of rotary encoders are you using?


Hi @JulianMS

We could definitely work on something, is there any email address we could reach you to talk about it?
Or you can send to

Thank you

Hey Julian - I am interested in buying a FarmBot for my back garden in London. Let me know when you’re ready to ship:

Hi Leo,

We are now working with Wefarmbot to bring the Genesis to the UK. Should be available very shortly. It’ll be less expensive than from the USA plus you’ll get local support and those who don’t want the hassle of assembling one themselves will have the option of an install service. We’re also working on our own versions of Farmbot in different formats.

I’ll drop you an email with details.


Hi Julian,

I’d also be interested in buying a kit, depending on the price.



Hi Simon,

We’ve just started importing the first of the kits an will be able to give you prices in the next few days.

Depending on how confident you are of building a Farmbot we’re offering the kit ‘as it comes’, a part-assembled kit with most of the fiddly and tricky sub-assemblies already made and tested and then a fully built and installed Farmbot.


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