Farmduino 2.0 bringup

Hi, I just wonder how do you start with new HW.
Do you use preprogrammed ATmega2560 or flash the bootloader via ISP?

My story… I assembled my own PCB. Now I am not successful with the ISP - avrdude says : part number is wrong (and random). Perhaps the virgin/unprogrammed STM32 loads the SPI_U1 bus? So I should start here?
But I was successful with the ATmega16 and I see TX data on my scope. Unfortunately the avrdude is unable connect the ATMega2560 ??? missing bootloader in the ATMega2560 could be the reason ???

Yes I enjoy this part, fortunately I have 10 pcs.
Thanks for hints.

Ok, the STM32 SPI1 pins are GPIO by default in input mode so this should have no influence on the ATmega2560.


It’s been about 2 years since I built my Farmduino 2.0a board. Unfortunately, the project was then abandoned. It’s my turn now.
To give the ATmega2560 a bootloader, I used an Arduino Uno, which I turned into an ISP programmer. This is very easy to do with the Arduino IDE. Both creating the ISP programmer and burning the bootloader with this ISP programmer.
I flashed the ATmega16 with the Arduino-usbserial-atmega16u2-Uno-Rev3.hex.
And on the STM32 the encoder-tracker firmware has to be uploaded. It should be noted that encoder-tracker 1.0.1 must be used for Farmbot version 1.5 and encoder-tracker 1.0.2 for v1.6. Burning works with the SWD interface and an ST-Link programmer.
It looks like everything is working for me. The v1.6 in particular has the great advantage of being able to use the quiet mode. An absolute must.

Greetings Klaus

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