Farmduino documentation bug


It looks like I found quite a mistake in the Farmduino documentation.

According to the documentation, a TPS543X is used for the power supply to step down 24V to 5V.

I’m actually soldering a Farmduino board. When I powered the board, this part went up in smoke. :-((

When I looked more closely at the data sheet, I found that the pinout of this module does not match that of the documentation. In addition, the output voltage of the TPS543 components is adjusted and not fixed 5V.

May it be that it is actually an LM22672 or similar? At least the pinout would be right here and these components are 5V step down voltage regulators.

Incidentally, there is a small additional bug with two LEDs: RED6 is a green LED according to the circuit diagram and connected to R21. However, RED6 is connected to R23 on the board. Conversely, according to the circuit diagram, GRE1 is a red LED and connected to R23. In fact, there is a connection to R21 on the board. So the two LEDs are pretty messed up.

The second bug is not really important. But the first one very well. Can someone please provide information?

Best regards,

Hi @Jaroslawsky

Which Farmduino model are you building ?
There are two board “versions” released in the field of the Farmduino Express for example.

Hi jsimmonds,

it’s the newest genesis board:

@Jaroslawsky, I have a Farmduino v1.5 ( Genesis ) board Rev. 2.0A and the D5 component is definitely a 5430 chip.

I don’t work for FarmBot Inc. so if you need exact answers, you’ll need to PM their team.

Hi @jsimmonds,

Thank you very much. That helps a lot.

The documentation says TPS543X. Because the X seems to be a joker for any digit, I bought some TPS54340BDDAR circuits => smoke.

TPS5430 seems to be the right one. The Texas Instruments Documentation fits to Farmduino pinout and the output voltage is fixed to 5V. Perfect