[FARMWARE] Mother's Little Helper (MLH)

The original idea belongs to @renaud with his Loop-Plants-With-Filters.
This Farmware - is a simplified version of it with nice perks about saving/filtering meta data.

It turns out a very powerful tool for its 250 lines of code. Please see details on GitHub

Thank you,


Hey Eugene,

great farmware you did and fully support and understand that you were buffled that this functionality does not exist today… :wink:

Maybe you could explain the info messages during the test run a little bit more? My logs got flooded and it was hard for me to figure out what they meant actually because it was so much and different blocks of them as well. Some had [DEBUG] before their entry, some didn´t;

Would it be possible to later on include drop down menus? This would very much easen the set up.

And maybe the SEQUENCE NAME BEFORE NEXT MOVE should be also done for the last plant coordinate? Otherwise it won´t be cleanly possible to water all plants for instance. I have a water sequence which just opens the valve intermittendly for 4 seconds. That one I would like to exercise on all plants. So I would need the last sequence to be the water sequence. Cleaner would be to have the last sequence the homing sequence again?!

Great work, thanks a lot for you contribution!!!


Yeah, I might need to enhance log messages a bit to make them more clean. Please see the attached images for explanations.
In general Farmbot logs are VERY unstable.

  • messages with DEBUG level are not persistent by design - so I use INFO level
  • you need to refresh log page to see all the messages - otherwise it may display only a random subset of them
  • I saw instances when messages change their relative order
  • if your message has text “filtered” in it - it will never be displayed!!

Drop down menu: I don’t think it is possible at this time - Farmware web page doesn’t allow it

For watering you need to use AFTER sequence, not BEFORE. This sequence need to turn on water for desired amount of time and then shut it down.
If you suspect that BEFORE sequence is not called for every plant - please see another attachment that proves you wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback!


BTW: in 1.0.4 version of the firmware I updated logs. Functionality stays the same

One more thing that came to my head yesterday: would it be possible to create a sequence out of this farmware? That would help me as I am currently planning to use FB differently… otherwise one could save different sequences for different plants and water demands for instace?!

Thanks again for the great piece of work @etcipnja


You can call farmware from a sequence (see sequence builder) but you can’t pass parameters in this call!
It will always take parameters that you specified on the Farmware page

see Passing parameters to farmware from sequence for details.

Thank you,

Eugene, this is an excellent mod to @renaud’s Farmware! The ability to do more complex filtering and set more metadata fields at once is a huge win! Two things:

  1. In your documentation on GitHub, you indicate using Python’s tuple syntax (comma delimited), but in your examples, you use a more JSON syntax (colon delimited).

[ ( ‘last_watered’ : ‘today’ ) ] vs [ ( ‘last_watered’ , ‘today’ ) ]

  1. Do have multiple copies like renaud’s up on GitHub so that we can have multiple configurations to support the lack of passing parameters to Farmware from sequences? (I know this is clumsy, but would help in the short term…unless you have a more clever idea).


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@fuzzynickel Thank you for the feedback!

I fixed documentation per your comment.
As for the multiple copies: I understand that it might work, but it is soo bogus it makes me cringe.

Instead of complying with our miserable reality I’d propose to focus on promoting the following feature request

It should not be difficult to implement from what I understand about programming.

Thank you,

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Is it possible to put more than 20 rows/columns as parameters?
Is the “20” the safe value?

Your question must be about

Technically it is possible to put more than 20. I decided to limit it to a practical value to prevent people from abusing the server. If you want more - you can run it second time choosing new “Original Plant” from the plants created on the previous run.

Thank you,

Thanks for clarification, and yes it was in regard of Seedalot :wink:
In my case I want to plant carrots which are quite small :slight_smile: so…
Another question that came to my mind is if I put more plants in a row/column than the bed size will the farmware adjust the seed area?


No, if plants go off the bed nothing is adjusted. The plants will be planted outside of the bed and in some cases you won’t be able to see them on the Farm Designer.

I probably need to prevent user from doing it and I guess Farmbot API shall do the same.

Thank you,

Morning @etcipnja,

I think I’ve found a bug in MLH: since yesterday I’m unable to perform any actions with it:

I’ve tried reinstalling the farmware same problem…

My bad!

It looks like Farmbot automatically updates installed farmware with every reboot. I am practicing now with intelligent watering and it seems my experiments affected you. I’ll try to fix it ASAP

Thank you

This shall be fixed in v 2.2.2. Water [MLH] Side Garden - is a hardcoded sequence that waters my side garden - it’s presence used to be required, now it is optional.
BTW: I see error related to missing “runwater 1s” - this is on your side. Please check that this sequence exists.

Thank you,

@etcipnja I know this is a typo :slight_smile:

BTW could you make sequence names not case sensitive?


@skuter sequence names are case insensitive. please send me a private message if you believe there is still a bug there

@etcipnja: Do you think this could be due to an internet connection interrupt?

Error CS Failed: [execute_script] - “Farmware failed” 850, 960, 0 Jun 25, 10:11pm

Warn #Farmware<MLH(2.4.12)> completed with exit status: 1 850, 960, 0 Jun 25, 10:11pm

Error [MLH] Something went wrong: HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘my.farmbot.io’, port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /api/points/44723 (Caused by NewConnectionError(’<urllib3.connection.VerifiedHTTPSConnection object at 0x76016130>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution’,)) 850, 960, 0 Jun 25, 10:11pm

I feel that still the bot disconnects quickly for whatever reason. This is in my opinion still an unsolved issues on the fb side and I do not see a way forward from the FB team to solving it…

this looks like problem with your DNS which might be caused by unstable connection between FB and the internet.
This doesn’t look like the problem of FB itself.

Thank you,

Hello! Thanks for your great Farmware. There is a trouble with non-English sequence names. When I name my sequences in Russian, and then link to it, plugin fails to run.

Is it a plugin trouble or Farmbot Web app trouble?