Farmware Template

Hi guys I have some easy (I think) requests.

  1. Could someone produce a Farmwear template just 3 files a manifest (containing arguements etc), a main (containing a class with example function) and a Farmware Tools library file for debugging.

  2. A help page which details step by step the different methods of how to debug Farmware for newbies as the debugging process isn’t that straightforward.

I ask as am dealing with some newbie errors getting the farmbot to call my farmware. I expect a template that works on download that I can modify would help a lot.

Other than that Farmware is awesome!

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The Hello Farmware example used in the Farmware development documentation is available as a minimum required template for any Farmware Tools use. I can add an example that uses an input as well.

There is also a Farmware troubleshooting page available in the documentation. Please let us know if there are any additional troubleshooting tips or clarifications you’d like to see.