[Farmware]Water all registered plants

Greetings everyone,

as many of you have noticed, it may be a lot of work creating sequences for simple repeating tasks like watering or seeding. Even with a few improvements like importing coordinates to sequence steps you could eventually lose the overview (mostly beginners).

Sure, there is the feature request to loop sequences over groups of plants, so there will be an easier, cleaner way for that.
But until it is implemented, I’m going to use a self made Farmware that I will explain in this thread.

At this time, the farmware was made to water plants and should be compatible for everyone. There are probably a few issues or improvisations possible, so please let me know if anything is missing/wrong.

How it works

  • The Farmware will download all plants based in your farm-designer.

  • Right after that it will post the count of your plants which have been downloaded.


  • Now your Farmbot will move to the first plant. The coordinates are sorted from low to high values, so it will start with the lowest X- and Y-coordinate, followed by higher X - then Y coordinates.

  • At each plant the bot will stop and execute a given sequence. Unfortunately you are not free to choose the sequence name. But you can set the steps in the sequence at your needs. More information about that sequence right below at “How to install and set it up”.

  • Farmbot will stop at the last watered plant. Now its up to you what you will do next.

How to install and set it up?

Note: This farmware is deprecated and no longer being updated since there are more functional looping farmwares out there. I’d recommend using one of those.

  1. Create a new sequence and change the name to “FW_water_everything”. It is really important that the name is right, because the script filters the sequences for this name and extracts the sequence_id. Now add steps in this sequence for what you want to do at every plant (pump on, wait, pump off obviously). You can see an example in this spoiler:

  1. Add the farmware in the webapp:
    –>Navigate to the farmware widget in the FARMWARE tab.
    –>Copy this link into the upper field:
    –>click INSTALL
    –>select the farmware in the dropdown menu and click RUN

Feel free to give feedback, report bugs and issues.
Credit to @Gabriel, his farmwares teached me basically everything needed to get this work.