FBOS ssl root certificates and Python3

Tried to use Python3 in the FBOS environment to make an outbound https client request and received the result below.

Any clues on how to fix, … , help, suggestions or comments welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve not used Python before but in most HTTP library or CLI tools you’ll be able to disable checking TLS certificates.

Try verify=false as part of the request options.

Thanks @mdingena . . but no thanks :slight_smile:

I think I’ll follow up these recommendations ( now that I’ve had time to browse around some . . )

Got it working by adding the certifi Python package and then modifying the urlopen call to use an SSL context : ssl.create_default_context() which points at the CA file provided by certifi. All very temporary as I had to place the new Python packages onto the /tmp filesystem :wink: