Feature requests for next version (from 4.0.1.)

Hi all,

gathering feature requests here:

  • please issue a log message when an axis was successfully homed
  • please think about switching the LED on the Arduino to on when the farmbot is doing movements (e.g. homing etc.)
  • please think about the sequence complete message after each sequence; that always shows up in the rollbar, maybe the user should be able to set the last message shown in the rollbar after a sequence

… and more to come…

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I’ll also list some features that I think would be useful:

  • when executing a sequence (e.g. “save and run”), it would be great if each step of the sequence in question could be highlighted in the sequence editor. Like this for example:
  • It has happened to me multiple times that I’ve accidentally removed a step in a sequence instead of cloning it. A confirmation dialog (with a “don’t ask me again” option) would be useful.
  • I’m not exactly sure I understand why I have to press “sync now” all the time. Would it be possible to have a “auto sync” option?
  • State and events for the individual plants (planned (initial state), planted, harvested, sick, …).
  • On desktop devices: instead of a horizontal top menu that will scroll out of sight, it would be convenient to have the main menu as a side bar that is always visible.
  • grouped sequences

Thanks for the feedback and great suggestions.

@Klimbim is adding a “Send Message” Command at the end of your sequences not enough for you? Or are you specifically wanting the last message to be custom? Would adding the Sequence Name to the current last message help? ie: “Put Away Watering Nozzle sequence finished”.

@creimers highlighting the current step is a really neat idea, and something we’ll add to the roadmap! We can also add a browser confirmation dialog for deleting individual steps.

The reasoning behind not having auto-syncing is because we don’t want someone to have their bot tending to the garden (running sequences) and then a work-in-progress getting auto-synced to the device, because that work-in-progress might have unintended effects. Perhaps though we can add a user setting that allows the user to turn on auto-syncing with the understanding that incomplete changes could cause weird behaviour.

Regarding plant states - that’s a great idea too. We can probably start off simple by allowing the user to manually specify the state of the plant by choosing it from a dropdown menu. Eventually we could programmatically increment the plant’s state either based on its age, or via a special item in a regimen or a sequence command.

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Next request:

Controls To Be and As Is position:
It would be great to see from the manual controls move page if the bot is still moving and to where or if it is at the desired position. Two possible ideas:
1.) Two fields, one to be and one as is. With the to be field getting green when the position is reached.
2.) Typing in the field at the moment it would be good to go red when it is steering to the wanted position. But then the To Be position is lost, so I guess there´s no way around implement another display for the To Be Position…

Fence for FB:
It would be great to create areas where farmbot should really not move. These must be in 3D space, I don´t have a good implementation idea at the moment. But someone should set the outer garden bed borders or the toolbays as ristricted areas…

@roryaronson btw: Could we have those feature requests on github? Then you could accept or decline and comment on them and shift them in the respective topics (software, os or Arduino)…?

Many of the feature requests here get lost. And if they get lost, users will stop requesting them…

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@Klimbim we’ve made a new category on the forum for Feature Requests so its easier to keep track of them :slight_smile:

We’re breaking out these individual requests into individual topics in that category. Please continue the discussion there.

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