Finally get to start


Hello all from Wisconsin…I purchased 3 Farmbots in fall and finally looking to implement them. The first location is a unique bed and am wondering the best way to construct the additional frame. The current bed is wrapped in a powder coated I-beam with a pitched floor, for drainage, running to a scupper. This is actually an architectural element over a stair case. I could compression fit wood between the web of the I-beam and construct on that or I could do a wood frame on the top. Also wondering the amount of clearance I want from the soil surface to the aluminum extrusion or track.


Hey Steve!

Awesome build! It would be best to build a wood frame atop the I-beams. Check out our documentation on installing the tracks and you will see.

Also when you put the FarmBot on there can you take a photo of your build and post it on the FarmBot forum.