Finding the Mac address of RPi


Hello Team,

Is there an easy way of getting the Mac address of the Raspberry Pi?
I would need it to setup an access to restricted network.

Thank you very much!


I don’t really know but one way might be … if you have a serial console cable attached to th PI, you might be able to do “ifconfig eth0” to find it.


Fluffy’s answer is correct. You can also say ip link show eth0 and look for “brd”.


Thank you both! I was able to get the MAC address.



If it helps anyone, I have noticed that the wifi interface MAC address is the same as the MAC address advertised during the setup phase.

With a tool such as Wi-Fi Explorer you do not only see the SSID farmbot-abcd but you can also see its MAC address (MAC address of the AP): b8:27:eb:xx:xx:xx
The first 3 groups of characters (b8:27:eb) represent the OUI for Raspberry Pi; the rest of the characters are unique for your RPi.