Firmware Flashing Issue

Hello All,

I’ve been trying to configure my Farmbot but I’m currently getting a Code 30 diagnosis code. I followed the corresponding Code 12 solution of reflashing the firmware but it keeps failing. I have the Express XL v1.1 model and I noticed that in the main websites comparison chart it says that the microcontroller included with the Express XL v1.1 is the Farmduino Express v1.2 which is not an option I can choose when trying to flash the firmware. Could this be my issue that it’s not the right Farduino Express board? or are there any ideas at what else could be causing this issue? Please let me know any thoughts on this. Thanks!

Hi @ChrissyB that photo says you have a Farmbot Express Farmduino v1.2 and shows the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W controller.

In the Web App you should be able to select FIRMWARE for Farmduino (Express v1.2) . . have you tried that ?

Screenshot from my account

Hi @jsimmonds mine did eventually end up accepting the v1.1 flashing but I don’t have the option for Farmduino Express v1.2.

Sorry for the confusion here all, the Farmduino (Express v1.1) and Farmduino (Express v1.2) firmwares are identical and both work with either version of the physical circuit board. @jsimmonds can see the extra option in the app because he has advanced settings turned on, whereas it is normally hidden because we haven’t yet released FarmBot Express v1.2 kits.

The v1.2 version of the circuit board simply fixes some issues we had with EMI interference but has no changes to how it gets flashed or any of the pinout from v1.1, thus making it backwards compatible software-wise. When folks with v1.1 kits have had EMI issues we have been sending v1.2 boards out as the replacement, and we also pro-actively replaced the boards in some v1.1 kits with v1.2 boards before sending out.

So, the Express v1.1 firmware should work with boards labeled either Farmduino Express v1.1 or Farmduino Express v1.2.

Glad to hear it got flashed @ChrissyB


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