First watering in a sequence fails

I have a sequence that turns the water on and off.

Then I have a sequence that moves to various spots and then calls the watering one.

The first watering sequence fails, but it works for the other 3 in the overall sequence.

I just noticed that I did have a “take picture” step in the water current spot sequence - maybe that caused the issue.


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@kimptoc did you have a look here, seems like a problem I already encountered:

For some reason my vacuum switch off command did not come through in 2 or 3 of 24 times I tried this in a sequence.
Seems to need a little bit more debugging…

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Thanks @Klimbim - but I think its a different issue. The movements are working ok, its just the pin off/on for the watering that seems to fail.
Seems to consistently be the first watering in the sequence, will try a dummy watering at the start to bypass it :slight_smile:

I’ve taken out the “take photo” step and seems to be more reliable.

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