FreeCAD Genesis Garden Bed Wall - Long

Hello All,
I am looking at building a Genesis Farmbot in the future. I wanted to have a CAD drawing of the frame to make the construction easier by having the supplier cut and pre drill all the necessary holes.
Does this look like it’s right?
Happy to upload if this is useful for others. Still working on the Short wall, the Corner Posts and the Center Posts.

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Did you use the available CAD model from here? Why would the drawing turn out differently? :sweat_smile:

Thank you. I drew my own drawings because the drawings on the Farmbot site do not have the retainer holes for the corner posts. Neither do they have the holes for the wire supports between the posts nor the predrilled guiding holes for the tracking plates.
So if you want to go to the local hardware store, hand then a drawing, have them pre-drill everything, and then deliver the finished product ready for assembly, you need a drawing like this.

So the question stands, does this look right?