Gantry motor placement

According to the manual: “Slide a motor into a horizontal motor housing, ensuring that the shaft of the motor is coming out of the housing and that the motor and encoder’s wires are facing down through the open bottom of the housing.”

We see no real reason why the motor should be placed with the wires faced downward. We turned the motors 180 degrees because we think that will better keep the connections dry and clean. Hope we’re right. We had to drill four new holes in the housing though to mount the motor.

Down is better. Condensing humidity will build up in the connectors otherwise.

Also, when you have wires going out the bottom of something that might get wet, you need to make sure and put a little loop downward before the wire turns to go backup. That keeps water that drips down the wires from climbing into connectors.

Hi @bgmoon,

There’s some logic in your comment…

When condense is building up, which seems probable, the motor will eventually suffer from this humidity too. This warrants a different design for the motor housing.