Gap between 2 movements on y axis


For this exemple I set the robot’s 0:0:0 at a certain point. When I tell it to go for example at 0:130:0, It goes, but when I tell it to go back in 0:0:0 it goes further than its initial position.

Any ideas where it can come from?

@damien A few questions:

  • What model and version of device do you have?
  • Did you purchase your Farmduino / stepper drivers from FarmBot, inc, or did you do a DIY build with components not provided by FarmBot, Inc?
  • Have you modified any of the advanced firmware settings, such as STEPS PER MM?

Do you use the Home icon with an arrow or the Home icon with a magnifying glass? The latter would cause the bot cruising past your floating 0,0,0.