Genesis 1.2 - RAMPS not powering up?

Hi there,
I’m doing a DIY build of a 1.2 Genesis, and all but the final wiring and electronics is complete. I have piggy-backed the RAMPS onto the Arduino, but all I get on power-up is the green light flashes twice, then nothing. The OS on the Pi seems to communicate all ok, and the Arduino runs fine (green light) whether the RAMPS is attached or not - any ideas as to what I’m missing please? It feels like a jumper issue or something.

Thanks for any help given.

@AndyMeade I can’t spend too much time helping with DIY setups, but I would try downgrading to Genesis v9.2.2 and disabling auto update (otherwise the device will try to upgrade immediately).

Some DIY users have reported problems with v10. I hope to deploy a fix in the next week or so.

Thanks Rick. I flashed that onto the SD, now it’s stuck in some sort of Sync loop. I’ll see what the next update to 10 brings.

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