Genesis 1.5, Motors Not Responding


Today, I had finally been prepared to get the Farmbot working after installing a replacement motor. However after attempting to set the X-axis length the bot briefly shut off before rebooting.

Afterwards, no motor responds to any input. The command shows in logs, but doesnt stop until the E-Stop button is pressed.

I have already replaced the Raspberry Pi 3+ and the Adapter Board in the electronics box so they should have no issue.

The connectivity shows all green, and all diagnostic lights are good. Voltage reads Ok, CPU 6%, Memory 63MB, Temp 39⁰C, and WiFi 48%.

Despite the low WiFi, I have not encountered issues with it dropping off the Network.

Any help is appreciated as spring time and my deadline approaches.

Its more likely a issue on the firmware side (farmduino). Sounds like the motor starts and the firmware waits until the motor reaches its final position but it never actually reaches it.
Is the right firmware selected?
Can you see the encoder values changing when the axis is moving? You can also push the axis manually and see if any encoder value is changing. You can activate the encoder fields in the jog panel:

Are there any suspicious logs? You can increase the verbosity by clicking on the funnel.


I did see a firmware error in the logs,
Discarding stale firmware config record (10891),
and flashed it again. I double checked my farmbot version and it is set to the correct firmware.

I’ve gotten the X-Axis to move by disabling the encoders, they were sending out false positives for stalls.

However the Y and Z motors are still immobile. Double checked the wiring on them and they are correct.

Messing with the encoder settings did not seem to fix it.

When manually moved, the encoder does correctly read the postion on all axises.

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