Genesis 1.5 to 1.6 Upgrade

I just upgraded my FarmBot from a Genesis 1.5 to 1.6. The firmware is correctly set at 1.6 and it’s been loaded to the Farmduino. For some reason, my FarmBot won’t move at all now. When it first booted, I had some strange things happen where the light and the water solenoid were going on and off and the motors were stuttering. Now the FarmBot won’t move at all. I am able to control the peripherals though. I’ve tried soft resetting the bot to see if maybe there were some stuck configurations or something. I’m kind of lost at what the problem could be. All I’ve done so far is replaced the power supply and the Farmduino. I double checked that all cables are in their correct locations. I’m out of ideas of what the problem could be as the bot was working flawlessly before I swapped the power supply and the Farmduino. Any ideas?


@stre1026 so all that’s changed since a working Genesis v1.5 are

  • Farmduino PCB from v1.5 to v1.6
  • 24VDC power supply ( curious why this was changed . . both versions use the identical part )

Things to try

  • Re-flash the RPi3 SDHC card with the latest FarmbotOS
  • Revert changes and make sure the v1.5 bot still works ( need to switch to correct Farmduino firmware )
  • Try changing only the Farmduino

I am also currently upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6.
Here is a log that I am keeping of the changes that I have made from 1.5.

Farmbot Software changes – new V1.6 mainboard.

1/ Updated firmware to V1.6 – changed Farmbot to V1.6 in Farm Designer.

2/ Manually moved axis to 0 position and Set Home in Farm Designer.

3/ Turned on “Set home at boot, Stop at home and Stop at Max in settings of Farm Designer.

4/ Changed Y motor current from 1800 to 900. I assume I changed this previously when fault finding the old mainboard.

5/ Enabled encoders on all axis.

6/ Restarted Farmbot.

7/Problem 1: X axis motors turning in opposing directions.

8/ Solution 1A: Turned off setting invert 2nd X motor - X motors now turning in same direction, but axis moving in positive direction when told to go to zero. (was at -60 went to -142), should have been a + number, axis moved in a + direction

9/ Solution 2: selected invert motors for X axis, motors now turning in opposing directions.

10/ Solution3 Turned back on setting “invert 2nd X motor”.

11/ Test 1 Turned off stop at and stop at home, to see if this allows negative travel, given that it is moving the wrong way in X.

One of the differences, which may or may not affect your setup, is that my zero position with the new board was at the other end of the bot. This might be just the way I set it up initially - I don’t remember.

Thank you both for your suggestions. I also had opened a ticket with Marc and he also suggested re-imaging the SD card so that’s what I did. It appears the bot is back up and running now. There must have been something on the card that was causing conflicts. I also had forgotten that I had received 2 encoder cables labeled “Z” from the factory when I bought the bot a few years ago. I didn’t relabel the cables properly at that time and it just came to bite me because they were reversed as well. Looks like I’m back in business. Now I have to figure out why the rotary tool isn’t working!

@jsimmonds - one thing to note with the new power supply is that the new power supply delivers earth ground to the new Farmduino board. That the only difference I can see other than the new supply is also slightly smaller. That’s to help with EMI with the new vacuum pump.

Thanks :slight_smile:
My comment was based purely on the online documentation for

which plainly shows the identical manufacturer’s part number for each 24VDC power supply

Very glad you’re steadily ironing out the Upgrade wrinkles :slight_smile:

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