Genesis Plastic part failures

I have had two plastic parts disintegrate in the 3 years of “Farmboting”. The 90 degree elbow for the water tube on the gantry arm, crumbled into dust and this week( just before needing to plant, the inline air dryer on the vacuum tube. I replaced the elbow with an Amazon order for a brass fitting and saw we can order the dryer from the Farmbot shop.

  1. Has anyone else see these problems?
  2. Is there others I should watch out for that I should then pre-emptive replace before I get into trouble?

new Elbow

Air dyer left my seeding idea this week high and dry… pun intended

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I have a Genesis that is also over 3 years old. I’ve had to replace the plastic 90 degree elbows and my vacuum tube dryer as well after 2 plus years (Very inexpensive). I’ve also had to replace the water line tubing once or twice (My water pressure was too high the first time). Other than that, I have never had any other failures. I plant 2 harvests every year (On my 7th now) and all original motors, belts, etc… are running great. I did upgrade to V1.6 this past year. Very happy with the durability and performance of my Farmbot…no complaints!!


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