Genesis v1.5 and Express v1.0 Manufacturing and Shipping Update

Hi all,

We’re in the final stretches of our largest manufacturing run yet, and we look forward to our new batch of customers joining the FarmBot fun soon! Here’s an update of where we’re at with the production, and the resulting estimated shipping times for everyone who has been patiently waiting:

Genesis and Genesis XL v1.5

The 125 new Genesis and 150 new Genesis XL kits are en route from our manufacturing partner to our warehouse in California. We found a few minor issues with the first production kits during quality assurance builds last week, with all but one of those issues already being resolved. The final issue is with the UTM cables, which unfortunately need to be reworked. To save time, we’re reworking the cables in parallel with the freight shipment of the kits, and we’ll add the cables to final kit boxes as a final step at FarmBot HQ before shipping to customers.

At this time, we’re hoping that the Genesis and Genesis XL v1.5 kits will be on their way to customers mid-February.

QA build of Genesis v1.5

Updated plates

Express and Express XL v1.0

The 175 Express and 250 Express XL kits are in the final stages of pre-assembly and packing. We experienced some delays in the design of the two custom egg-carton inserts that will cradle and protect the sub-assemblies and other parts during transit, but I think ensuring the goods arrive without damage is much more important than arriving a little earlier. This is the first time we’ve ever done this level of pre-assembly of a FarmBot, and the large and awkwardly shaped subassemblies proved difficult to efficiently arrange and design inserts for.

It is still unclear when exactly all of the Express and Express XL kits will be ready to ship, though we are working to rush-ship a handful of units to customers on deadlines before the end of January, with the remainder likely toward the end of February. Due to the unpredictable nature of manufacturing and our commitment to not ship anything pre-maturely, we cannot at this time provide any firmer dates.

Express insert sample

Other parts and MAX kits

Once all of the pre-ordered kits are sent out, we’ll be updating our online shop with availability for some our newest parts that people with older kits can upgrade or expand with. Think: new Farmduino boards, Pi Adapter Boards with RTCs, new modularized cabling, gantry-mounted seed storage, etc.

Hardware from the new Genesis kits

And as previously communicated, the Genesis MAX and Express MAX kits will be produced in a separate manufacturing run later this year. The good news there being that those kits share 98% or more of the same components as their smaller siblings.

Thank you for your patience

I understand that the new kits will be shipping 10+ weeks later than originally anticipated when we began accepting pre-orders, and I thank all of our pre-order customers for their patience. We remain committed to providing the best product we can, and sometimes that takes a little longer to pull off than we predict.

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Hello @roryaronson,

that is good news! I got two questions regarding the new kits.

  1. When are you going to put the docs for 1.5 online?

  2. How many plates changed from 1.4 to 1.5?

Best wishes

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I am also interested in when the CAD designs and PCB schematics will be released?

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G’day guys,
When will FBMAX motor cables be available for shipping/available in the store?


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BUMP above post
Or can you tell me cable lengths so I can build them?

Thanks for the interest everyone!

I finished up the Express/Express XL/Express MAX v1.0 docs last night, which you can find at The CAD models have also been up for about a month. As mentioned, a handful of Express and Express XL bots are planned to ship out next week, barring any last-minute issues.

For Genesis/Genesis XL/Genesis MAX v1.5, I’m hoping to have the CAD models polished up by the end of next week, and then the documentation the week after that. Because of a switch from drop-in tee nuts to a new part called nut bars, and locknut + washer combos switched to flange locknuts used throughout much of the assembly, pretty much every CAD subassembly and assembly image in the docs needs to updated, which will take a while. You can preview a beta version of the v1.5 docs here, but please note that very few of the pages have been updated, and there are no warnings about what is new v1.5 info and what is old v1.4 info. There is a change log though!

@7h364rd3n3r because of the switch to nut bars, many of the plates have revised hole layouts. For example, 3-hole layouts for attaching the gantry corner brackets to the gantry columns have been switched to 2-hole layouts. I don’t have an exact count of how many plates changed, but its a lot of them. However, they haven’t changed in a way that would break compatibility with other parts, or past versions.

@Kreecha the MAX devices will not be ready until late Q2. That being said, other than the power cable and x-axis water tube, all of the other cables/tubing will be the same as used in the XL versions of the kits. So we should have those cables in stock for Genesis mid-Feb, and Express when that production is finished up several weeks later. For the power cable and x-axis water tube, you can solder together multiple power cables and used barbs to connect multiple tubes (that’s what I did for the MAX devices shown in the video). Cable lengths for Express MAX can be found in the Express BOM, while Genesis MAX is still in progress as mentioned above.


Interesting, I’ve already incorporated a few of these into the design of FBINF.
The greater clamping force is a big winner in my book!

Cheers, waiting for parts to arrive to assemble cross-slide :slight_smile:

Hi, I am owning a v 1.4 genesis, and wanted to know if / when there will be un upgrade package for 1.4 to 1.5 hardware? I am especially interested in the new arduino board, stepper drivers and motors and other improvements you might have made regarding tools…

I know you addressed this to Rory but the answer is yes. I have received my new Farmduino v1.5 and I am going through the exact process you described. Just order what you need from the shop. There isn’t a package as such, because different folks op to upgrade different things. I think the new Farmduino with the drivers and potentially new cables are worth it, however I just got the Farmduino for now. I believe it will work with the old stepper motors. There is a list of changes between v1.4 and v1.5 easily searchable on this forumn.

@mbuchberger1967 we now have a limited number of v1.5 Farmduinos available in our online shop. These boards feature surface-mounted Trinamic TMC2130 drivers and the whole board can be a drop-in replacement for v1.4 boards (no other upgrades required). If anyone reading this has older electronics than v1.4 though, upgrading would be much more extensive because of some connector changes and the switch to 24V over the years.

The motors with v1.5 are the same as they have been since v1.2, so nothing to upgrade there. The other major change is the new modularized cables, but those would be of limited use to anyone who already has their bot assembled.

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tank you, that would mean if I already exchaged my stepper drivers it would not make a big difference between the v1.4 and v1.5 farmduino board, right?

That is correct

Hi @roryaronson,

many greetings from Berlin, Germany! Could you please help me with the PCB sources of the Pi adapter board. I’d like to build it by myself but currently the sources link ( to the previous revision 1.1, the one without the RTC. Could you also upload the newer version of the PCB sources? Many thanks :smile:

Best wishes

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Hi Paul,

I’ve just updated the link to the source files to get you the latest revision with the RTC. Best of luck!


wow…many thanks!

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