Gerber files for the UTM and pi adapter PCBs

Is it possible to download somewhere the gerber files for the UTM PCB and the raspberry adapter PCB.
I can only see source CAD files on the farmbot website and i dont have a licence for altium designer and actually dont want to have one because i’m afraid it’s going to be not a trivial task to generate correctly the gerber files for a newbie like me .

thanks for any help



One more precision: the gerber files i need could be generated following

because i want to send them to jlcpcb for fabrication but again i have no altium licence

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The problem is also that i have asked for a trial version on altium site but then dont receive the email i expect from them

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I’m also interested by an answer to @fhenryco 's question. In Onshape the UTM is also read only and a simple image:

I also can’t find any gerber file very useful to manufacture such a PCB.


I managed to generate gerber files with a free trial licence of altium designer and have received the PCBs from the manufacturer … however i need to test them before sharing because i 'm not sure at all that what i did to generate the gerber files was 100% correct

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