Get plant ID integer to introduce it into "do while" "for..." to get coordinates

actually plants could Have an array ID like Plant[i][j]
i = 1 are carrots for example
i = 2 are onions for example
same water sequence can be used for every type of plants
to water carrots
i=1 ;
for j =1…n
move plant[1][j]
do stuff

this is just a rought idea, I still do not know how could be implemented in the web interface in a graphic way
but my point is that most of the sequences are kind of repetitive and could be much more parametric using the farm designer plants to plant seed and water them. in a much more short program with a cycle.

i hope i am not saying too much bullshit in this idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Loop functionality in sequences is a planned feature, mentioned in a previous software update:

sorry that I did not see that before…

how to loop some sequences on all plants?

Loop functionality is available via the groups feature.