Get the failed Axis for "Movement Failed" errors

When mechanical issues arise the FarmBot often stops after a “Movement Failed” error. This error shows up after the steps send to the motors and the steps registered by the encoders have differed repeatedly (how often is configurable in the settings). Usually the error comes up when a lot of stalls occur.

Is there a way to see which axis detected the stalls?

Being able to see which axis was responsible for the failed movement could speed up debugging. I have had a lot of problems with my X-axis but occasionally the Y-axis also stalls. So I am always checking the X-axis first which is a waste of time if the Y-axis was responsible.

I think this is doable, though v14 is a bit behind schedule so I may need to hold off until a future release.

I would love to see this feature added as well!

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It is not the highest priority for me. But it would be great if you put it on your TODO-List for version 15.

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@pinae This feature has been added to v14.0.2, along with some UART bug fixes discussed in a different thread.

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