Getting a lot of "Sync error" messages in

This may be related to:
Sync Error

I am noticing quite a few “Sync errors”, especially when I first connect to the UI.
Did all the tricks:

  1. Clicked on “Sync” many times
  2. Reload/refresh/close and re-open the browser
  3. Restarted FarmBot (from web ui) - message changes to “Sync unknown”


  1. I cannot “Test” any sequences (grayed out)
  2. I AM able to use Controls to move bot
  3. At some random point, the status changes to “Synced”

Any thoughts? I cant find any log info to help give clues.

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I am not sure if this is the same issue, but I had problems with Sync and having farmbot appear online at all with FB OS 7.0.3. Right now its working fine for me on FB os 7.0.1

Adding detail:

  1. FBOS 7.0.1
  2. FB Genesis XL 1.4
  3. It is intermittent (suspecting network (sorry to add to the problem, FB Crew & School IT Guy…))
  4. Because the Web UI has some functionality (Control tab works/Sequences cant be “Tested”) it might be wise to not rule out something in the UI code.
  5. I will play around with “Auto Sync” in the Device tab. I currently have it enabled.

Reading through all the posts about 7.0.1, it seems that there are a number of weird, inconclusive seemingly random fails.

One thing I did not try (but will today) is to pull power shortly after the Configurator applies the Ethernet configuration (right after selecting the account).
I am not sure that this will have any affect, but at this point I am ready to try anything.
I will also verify the account, as well as try one more “fresh” account.
I am using 7.0.1 exclusively at this point, since I only have 7.0.1 & 7.0.0 images (but I just downloaded 7.0.2 & 7.0.3, so I will try those).
I have three different MicroSD cards, 3 Raspberry Pi’s two Farmduino’s (one may be compromised - will only used as last resort).
I have set up mobile hotspots with both iOS & Android - FB fails to connect to either.
As one more debug step, I will see if I can find some other basic Raspberry Pi network connection routine, just to rule out Configurator problems.

Still no connectivity love after many more attempts…
Tried with 7.0.3 - same failing signature - see screen shot below:

Not being able to connect with WiFi is the biggest mystery to me. This is completely decoupled from the school district IT infrastructure and, according to this site, allowing everything:

I am going to be off-site from Monday until Friday, but I may have limited access to internet during the week.
The gods may be smiling on us a bit (or laughing), as we are forecasted to get rain this week. If so, this should buy us a bit of time. That and forcing the students to learn how to water…

I woke up this morning thinking…
Never a good thing…
Since basic connectivity seems to be the issue, I should probably go back and re-re-re-verify account and Configurator settings for both the WiFi (hotspot) and wired (School district network).
I think the logical place to start is with another “clean” account.
I will not be able to get to this until Saturday morning (but maybe Friday evening). That gives time for the school IT guy to chime in, as well as ample opportunity for any of you at FB to slap the back of my head… :wink:
I will try to check email/forum posts over the week, but not sure if I will get connections at the base of Half Dome…

My problem with connectivity & sync (farmbot was appearing offline even though was an wifi and appeared online for a while after startup) was resolved by just sticking to 7.0.1 and not auto-updating the OS. works ever since…

Can you make sure that you have auto update OS configuration off? otherwise even with 7.0.1 FB will update itself to a newer version…

Thanks for sharing, I hope that was a few weeks ago where it was not fixed yet.
This autoupdate to 7.0.3 should not be the case anymore, every version after 7.0.1 is only accessible with the function “Beta-release opt in” turned on, or like Tony probably did, by downloading the .img file on github directly. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the intention was to keep the bots from updating to the unstable verisons after 7.0.1.

FBOS always checks this Link to determine the latest version, which is 7.0.1 at this time :slight_smile:

Sad to say that I can’t share any experience to your issue. That sounds pretty weird and may not be that easy to locate/fix :frowning:

yes, autoupdate set to off works perfectly fine for me :slight_smile: