Getting started with FarmBot 1.4 : 5 minute video (FarmBot The Hague)

Hi All,

FarmBot The Hague made a short video (5 min.) on the building of a FarmBot 1.4:

View, Enjoy and Subscribe, we will be making more videos!

Are you in The Netherlands and do you have questions about the FarmBot 1.4, contact me!



Great video! Is this a short video of a longer instructional video?


Hi Marc,

The videos that Rory and the team made with the manual for every step is the best and we saw no need to redo that. This is a 5 min. Video with some highlights. If there are some things you would like to see, let me know!

Best - Sietse

Hello Sietse,

The video that you made was very high quality. How is your Farmbot doing these days have you been able to grow any vegetables?

When is your next video coming up?