Goes offline after a while

I have just started up my Farmbot 1.2 and so far everything has been a smooth ride. However, after a couple of hours it goes offline and the only solution i have found is to reboot it (power cycling).

All network ports are open and the WiFi stable. The signal strength is maybe a bit weak, but it works.

How do i trouble shoot this?

Hi @micaelaman Is your bot idle or “doing a task” around this point in time ?

You’d need to post the detailed logs around this “offline” event please ?

Also noticed “Setup: 93% complete” in that screenshot . . ? What do you think that means ?


Thanks for the reply.

The farmbot does not do anything when it goes offline. I notice that it had gone offline after a couple of hours when i tried to connect to it.

I have now finish the setup. It was the soil-sensor and the tutorials left to do. I don’t think it would interfere with the network.

However, it has not gone offline in a couple of days. Maybe the problem has gone away. I have restarted and updated my router (Mikrotik RB5009), so it can have something to with that.

All the best!

Micael Åman

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