Greenhouse setup

Hello Gents,

I’m thinking about putting my FarmBot into greenhouse.

Right now It’s demounted and the gate is waiting in warm and dry place for the snow to melt so I can put FB back together.

So to minimize the idle time in the garage I’m thinking about putting greenhouse over it.

My soil bed dimensions are 3x1,5m do i think if I put a green house of 5x2,5(or 3)m it should provide me with enough space to move around and aork with the bot.

Besides that do you have any tips and tricks for green house gardening?


Hey @skuter just think of maintenance! At the beginning you will need time to sort out your bots behaviour etc. So either you have a quick removable tent or you extend it such that you can work in the greenhouse with your bot…

@Klimbim I’m quite aware of the maintenance part around FB, that’s why I’m thinking to place greenhouse bigger than the bed soil :slight_smile:

Although I’m starting to concider to abandon this plan due to more severe weather (strong winds in Europe).