Greetings, New here from England

Hi, Greetings
I am new here, living in Surrey, England. Saw the bot on the web in a general troll. Do you have any distribution in UK ? I am a Mechanical designer myself, most parts are familiar, and can be purchased over here.
Just one comment, the weeder, just stabbing the weed can break the weed up and each part can then propagate, making you weed problem worse. You need pincers or a rotary weeder to pull the weed in whole, then dump in a bin. Or flame thrower and burn the sucker out.
Anyway looks great, keep up the great work.
Gordon Holmes

Hey Gordon,

Thanks for stopping in! We don’t have any distribution in the UK, though as you said many individual parts can be purchased over there, and we can also ship complete kits there.

As for the weeder, I haven’t heard of weeds being able to propagate from individual parts of it. I don’t think that is true unless those parts contain seeds (which they shouldn’t when they are very young). Maybe I’m wrong and you can point me to a link that explains otherwise?

Hi Rory
One of the weeds I was referring to is Bindweed, it tends to produce a good root system before it pops up, and when it does pop up it does grow quite fast. If you cut it down and remove all parts you can control it, but leave the smallest bit on the ground and it will came back with vengeance.
Boiling water works but you do have to do the ground around it as well so I find it impractical, it tends to win. The other problem you will find with the bindweed is it is a climbing vine so in no time it will be within the harvest plants and could be over the machine.