Grid and Row Planting - 6 plants only

With the Grid and Row Planting option - regardless of the number of plants I input, only 2 rows on the X axis and 3 on the Y axis are added. Changes to the number of plants on either axis are not reflected in the preview or final plating layout. Is there something I’m missing?

@Paul_K seems to work for me . . see screen capture below.
Can you add more detail or provide a screen shot ?

@jsimmonds - thanks for your reply. I had another look at it today and it’s working now… must have been something I missed or wasn’t doing right yesterday! I appreciate your help.

Glad you’re having success now :slight_smile:

[I did notice that the web UI / Web App pauses for 1 … 3 seconds when preparing a new layout] Maybe I’ll quantify things somewhat and mention it to @roryaronson and team, as a tiny “performance heads-up” :person_climbing:

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