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We are not having success forming plant groups, particularly manually selecting. The filters seem to work to assign plants to a group (we have resorted to doing it by location at the moment, and it isn’t ideal) but every time we try to do it through manual selection after hitting + Group, it doesn’t save when we are done (it autosaves correct? Because we see no button to save). It also does not work to manually select multiple plants in the farm bed layout screen and hitting ‘Create Group’.

To add a wrinkle, while none of these Groups appear when we try to create them manually in the new Planting Tab layout under the drop down, I can find them occasionally when going to Regimens (for Location Variable 1). So now I’ve clogged that up with a bunch of ghost beds I can’t edit. :slight_smile:

So in short, I can’t see and edit the groups we manually create in the Plants tab, but the failed attempts are saving somewhere.

Help is appreciated!

Hi @wcrawford

This is an issue with a recent version of the web app- thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into a long-term fix for this issue right now.

In the meantime, you can view all the groups that have “disappeared” on this page.

Thanks again for letting us know and sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

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Thanks much @RickCarlino for the quick reply! Appreciate the link for now, that will keep us moving fwd.

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Following up @RickCarlino

Are there any other bugs in the new update? We’ve worked around this group issue thanks to your legacy link, but now we’re finding that scheduling events is not working. We can manually fire a sequence, and the regimens appear in the schedule as they should, but FarmBot does not even acknowledge an attempt to do any of them in the logs when the appropriate time comes. Are we missing a step? We’ve done scheduled events in the past (a few months ago) and had it working. We are at a loss…


@wcrawford We have not made any changes to the scheduler. I can take a look.

@wcrawford I might have some ideas on what happened. It appears that FarmBot is not recognizing events if there are two regimens that start at the exact same time. To be clear, this is not intended behavior and we need to fix this on our end and publish a new update to FarmBot OS (if that is in fact the root cause). There is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to do this.

Currently, your account has two regimens that start at the exact same time (“ElyOwen”, “EmKa Regimen”).

Some questions:

  • Are all events not firing, or is it just Regimen-based events? Or possibly just the two named regimens I listed above?
  • If you temporarily delete the two events listed above, does the behavior change?

I will attempt to simulate the conditions on your account to see if I can reproduce the behavior locally.

I was able to reproduce the issue on my local machine and am working towards a long-term fix. The short-term solution is to schedule regimens on different days (eg: do not start more than one regimen per day).

OK thanks. To confirm, this means in the Event Scheduler, correct? So we’d edit the scheduled times currently under Events, to initiate Regimens on different days? If that date is in the past, will it matter? No need to recreate the Regimens? Appreciate it.


You can try that, though I think the safer thing to do would be to delete the regimen and then start a new one (ensuring that there are no two Regimen-based events that start on the same day).

Backscheduling of regimens is unfortunately not possible.

You can use the same Regimen as before, but the event will need to be recreated. If this is a problem, I can provide instructions on how to install a pre-release version of FarmBot OS that contains a partial fix. Using the pre-release will require you to hard re-flash the device. That is to say, I do have a pre-release version of FarmBot OS that fixes your issue, but it has some minor things that I need to work through before it is ready for release.

As a clarification, you can still schedule multiple sequence events on the same day. This issue appears to only affect farm events that use Regimens. Once the next release is published, this restriction (bug, really) will no longer affect regimen event creation.

I will let you know when the next release is ready- sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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Thanks much Rick. I made the edits to the event scheduling and it looks like it ran correctly for the one scheduled at 7pm last night per the logs. The sequence had an error in its coding, but that’s just kids learning. :slight_smile: The important thing is that it seemed to work! We’ll see how today’s go and work from there, and look for the update when it becomes ready. Appreciate the responsiveness!


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