Harvesting with the Genesis XL?

Many raised beds are only 4’ wide so that all parts of the bed can be reached by your average person without them having to step onto the bed. (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_foot_gardening)

The Genesis XL is a lot wider than 4’. When people are harvesting, I assume that they’ll need to walk on the bed? Does the software creating two 4’ wide “virtual” raised beds with a pathway in between them?

Have you considering creating a kit that has the same width as the Genesis, but supports much longer beds?

Arrangement of plants is fully customizable within the software. You can leave space for access such as pathways or stepping stones between plants in the Farm Designer.

The easiest way to get a FarmBot with a standard width but the length of the Genesis XL is to get the Genesis XL and only use one of the gantry extrusions. All you would need to do is take out some of the cable carrier pieces and coil the unused cable length.

The standard size kit can also be extended along the long axis relatively easily by adding additional tracks (with joining plates) and cable carrier pieces (with supports) and using longer tubing, belts, and cables (power, water valve).

We will sell all the individual parts and cables needed to double a v1.4 standard kit’s length in our online shop.