Has anyone tried using the Mi Flora sensor with FarmBot?

The Xiaomi Mi Flora wireless sensor link

Is a bluetooth temperature, light, moisture sensor with python libraries and homeassitant.io connectivity. It’s quite easy to connect to a Raspberry Pi using Python. It would be useful to put a few of these at different points in a raised bed to quickly understand the temperature/ moisture profile.

I was wondering if anyone had tried connecting it to the FarmBot, through FarmOS or FarmWare?

Hi saulgold,

I have bought two of them to test with openhab. The bluetooth range is veeery low, which shouldn’t be a problem with farmbot, just saying. Nevertheless, keep in mind that they are not water proof, but one could seal them easily I guess.

Would be interested to see something and compare the values with my external application :wink:


I’ve actually had one outside in the UK for 6 months and it still works… :slight_smile:

yea, I’ll give it a go, maybe it’ll work as a Farmware.

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I’m using one of those plant sensors inside the Farmbot bed, but it’s connected to openhab like klimbims sensor.

I think it may work as a Farmware. Bluetooth is available and there are a few python scripts that are compatible.

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