Has anyone used Seed Sheets?

I am starting to see ads for a product call Seed Sheet. You can design a custom seed sheet on line and it is made for you and you can roll it out on a vegetable bed and get growing.

Anyone tried it with FarmBot?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. In fact I think it is a good idea. I’m not sure about the cost of shipping to Australia though…

It would be so easy to design a custom seedsheet for various sized Farmbots. You could have winter, spring, etc vegetable sheets. The heights of the plants could be selected to suit the machine as well. Easy to plant, just roll it out, and no weeds.

Would Farmbot just do the watering and observing then?

Despite already being able to weed etc, the simplicity of a pre-seeded sheet is an attractive alternative, for those who want a fast and easy way to plant. This would widen the uptake of Farmbots and increase the reward vs effort equation.