Having issues with watering using curve sequence in events

Hi all,

i am having issues with events. the sequence works fine when i run it from the sequences. but for some unknown resason to me i can not get it to trigger from event. i add the event, select the sequence, fill in the variables and give it a run at time but nothing ever goes.

Hi @nick_woodforth anything " interesting " in your bot’s detailed log records ?

logs at the top of window show nothing when event should be triggering.
had even made up a test sequence of a simple movement and still nothing.
i have now turned on display raw and begin steps and complete to see if anything comes up.
this time movement worked. (there was an update the other day. maybe that had something to do with it?)
my water all plants on Curve still didnt work.


i have a watering head permitaly attached. same as this post has done,

@nick_woodforth I think you need to give the plant group directly to the WATER USING CURVE sequence step, .e.g. this sequence works for me ( RUN Manually and in a Farm Event )

the water all using curve works fine when i manually click run. then the pop the pop up asks what group and it goes on its merry way.
i set the plant group within the water all plants on curve this time and set it up to run in event. but still nothing. :frowning:

just tryed my test of simple movement in the event that worked before. now not working agian…

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