Height under the gantry

Hello farmbot community !

We are about to receive the new farmbot (scheduled next monday). So as a refresher, i dug into last doc.
I was surprised because last version of documentation tells now that height under gantry is (approx) 50 cm.
IIRC, previous farmbot version had about 80cm from soil to gantry.

Please could someone confirm the height is now 50 cm ?

Also did i dreamt that 80 cm or is it a new choice from the farmbot team ?



I just checked the doc of previous farmbot version.
Version 1.1 had 65cm gantry columns.

Did anyone knows why gantry height has been reduced from 65cm to 50cm ?

Thanks !

A reduction of gantry height is probably attributed to increasing the rigidity. You can mod the FarmBot to your heart’s content - one of its strong selling points - but you might see the accuracy of your setup drop too much to be reliable.

I’m interested, though - what are you planning on growing?

Ah ok, that’s make sense. I guess we gonna try and see for ourselves.
Thanks for your quick response.

We plan to use farmbot to grow the following :

  • white cabbage
  • pea
  • green bean
  • onion
  • leek
  • tomato
  • potato
  • salade
  • strawberry
  • carott
  • spinach
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