Hello New Zealand ... anyone else out there?

Hello, we are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are building our Farmbot on the grounds of St Margarets College. We are in in the middle of the building phase, we were wondering if there are any other builders in our part of the world. Would be great to connect with you!

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Hi there, I’m up in Auckland and have been using it for a few months. Did you get any replies from any others in Auckland? Happy to colaborate!

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Hi there, so happy to hear from you. No other responses as yet. Would be great to know more about you. You can direct message us at techtotablenz@gmail.com We have just set up our Facebook page, you can see what we are up to https://www.facebook.com/techtotable/

Looking forward to sharing stories with you.

I am near Dunedin. I am looking to source my own gear and also print some of it.

Hello from Wellington, build in progress.

Hey, I am interested in building one in Auckland on my school grounds. How was your experience? Any tips?

Greetings, I am also starting a new build here in Chicago, Illinois. I will be building a test system first on a set of tables. By the way, I have been to Christchurch several times while working on cruise ships and think that Christchurch is truly one of my favorite places in the world.

I am from Chicago, the windy city, and have visited Wellington several times. I felt right at home in “Windy Wellington”. I am also starting a new build. Just a test build for now, will add soil when I know everything works.

How did you go sourcing the gear in NZ? I’m wondering about doing the same as I would like to save money on buying the kit from farmbot. I’m in Wellington. Cheers.

Hey guys,
I live in Auckland and I’m currently thinking about getting a Farmbot… However I wanted to see it in action first, so if someone could show me their Farmbot that would be really great. I mean right now is not the perfect season for that, but I should probably start to prepare and get everything ready before spring…

Mine is in pieces unfortunately as I’m doing an upgrade and moving it not sure how long that will take.

Well… Would be great if you could just send info when it’s ready to look at… :slight_smile:

Or maybe you need some help moving/upgrading it? :smiley:

Curious to hear from anyone who’s imported one of these to NZ, what did customs charge to clear it?

It should be just a GST charge as they are flat packed.