Help for BOM file

I want to assemble my own PCB. But some components are missed from altium’s BOM. Do you guys have a full BOMlist?

Someone can help me about that?

Hi, How did you get access to the PCB file?, I’m chasing the same. thanks. version 22 i think is the current one

Hey, I downloaded them from their website. The link is below

I went to here but the PDF is blank ? Am I in the wrong place for the PCB ?
Schematic is fine but I cannot find the PCB

This link could help you

But there is missing in BOMs :confused:

Thanks… its version 22 of the PCB’s that i am chasing but cannot find it anywhere

@baz at this point you should ask FarmBot Inc. people. They are not very active in this forum.

Thanks I will try and locate them

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