HELP! Need new 12 Volt Solenoid Valve

My 12 volt solenoid cracked today due to being brittle from UV aging. I need to replace it but it is not carried on the website any longer. Where can I source this valve?
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I think this one from SparkFun or something similar on Amazon will work for you:

Hi Marc,
I ended up with this:

It is almost identicle. the white body looks like it came out of the same mold.

Fankerba 3/4" Water Inlet Electric Solenoid Valve DC 12V Normally Closed N/C 0.02 to 0.8mpa - Plastic Two parallel Screw Thread


Can you confirm that the threads are exactly the same?
From the photo, it looks the same but can you confirm that they are in fact the same NPT threads?

Inlet: 3/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread)

Outlet: 3/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread)

This item actually specs “G-Thread”. Not exactly NPT, but for PVC pipe, it is nearly an exact match. And Teflon tape seals the fit.

I tested both valves in the existing PVC fittings that I used with the old set up. They seal is fine.

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