Help using the farm designer and sequences

Hi! I’m new to farmbot and just finished building a Genesis v1.4 for my highschool. I am just now starting to mess with the farm designer and have started making some simple sequences.

I was wondering if farmbot has to be 100% sequenced manually, plant by by plant, and if so, how to easily incorporate the farm designer into said sequences.

I have already wrote sequences for moving the light back and forth, dispensing water, and picking up a seed.

Hope somebody can get back to me soon, as I am eager to see this thing working with some plants in it.

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I was wondering if farmbot has to be 100% sequenced manually, plant by by plant

The next major release of FarmBot OS (v8) will fix this via the use of “variables” (eg: A variable can be stand in for different plants, rather than needing to manually create a sequence). It will make sequence creation much faster and flexible. It’s our main priority right now and we hope to get the release out soon.

I don’t know if you saw this yet, but we do have documentation on the topic of “FarmEvents” which is usually how folks interact with sequences on the Farm Designer. We also have some docs available on “Sequences”.

If you are a more technical user with the ability to write code, and you do not want to wait for the FarmBot v8 release, it is possible to write custom software for specific use cases. Developer documentation can be found here. The developer documentation is best read from start-to-finish.

There are also some third party Farmware plugins available via a Google/Github search for rapid seeding operations, but they are written by independent developers outside of FarmBot, Inc and we cannot provide support for such plug ins nor can we vouch for their reliability.

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