Hey Siri, "run Farmbot Demo"

Out an abundance of frustration when neighbors, family members and friends who all want to see the Farmbot and see it not only in static mode but it actually in action. I hated to run to the house get my phone or iPad and in the bright sun to navigate to a sequence or more often than not a manual manipulation of movement and peripherals. So having a bit of experience with my Nvidia AGX sidecar over the last two seasons of some AI work. I thought I would leverage the python interactions with MQTT ( thank you John Simmonds) build on the web hook work I did with Microsoft Teams for tracking and other external workflows, a local logger of interactions with MQTT/Farmbot and Python Flask hosted with Apache as the WSGI hosted on Azure in a Docker container. I built am iOS shortcut that does a POST to the Flask app that then triggers the python script on the azure hosted docker, sends a teams message ,turns on the lights, move the Farmbot tool to an x-y coordinate where I have a rock, and drops 1 second of water on it, waits a few seconds then moves back to 0-0-0. As soon as I finish commenting on the code ( or have ChatGPT do it), and write a proper README.md file ill share my GitHub repo. I also added a bunch of demo scripts and new web directories for each so that my wife can have the Farmbot perform a few tasks as well, including tripping an external solenoid for ten minutes that handles her plants around the yard for irrigation and I don’t have to do it after sharing her the iOS shortcut that I set up. She can just ask Siri to do it vs yelling to me in my office to turn on the water, or show the Farmbot to her friends who came over. BTW I use a few different shortcuts to do the same thing( “exersize the farmbot”, “show off the farmbot”, “demo the bot” and 'water the rock") Hmm wonder if I can hook up the Nvidia econsystems cameras to the Apple Vision Pro and fly through the garden… stay tuned Find the Public Github Repo here: GitHub - jturbett/Fbot-Siri-Web: python code for manipulating Farmbot with Siri


It is so cool. Absolutely amazing.

Looking forward to checking out the repo!

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edited with the link, please improve on my thoughts

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