Hi from Dubai, and a quick question!


Hi All

I have inherited a farmbot that has been assembled but not yet running. Accessing wifi is proving to be tricky. The solution I am told would be to purchase a mobile router and data package. Would anyone here know what size data package I would need?

Also, I am wondering how I will integrate the farmbot into my programe. I run a Sustainability and Environmental Education Program (SEEd) for visiting schools. Wondering if anyone here has some super ideas to share? Interestingly, although the FB hasnt been operational it has generated LOTS of discussion just sitting in the space looking cool!!

Looking forward to learning all about this amazing bot myself.



We investigated some of the data needs of FarmBot this morning and compiled this Data Usage reference document. The amount of data you’ll need will depend on your configuration and usage of FarmBot, but this can serve as a starting point for estimating what size data package you’ll need.


That was brilliantly helpful. Thank you Rory!


Hi Shar,

I stay in Abu Dhabi and recently purchased a FarmBot. I am happy to find out a Farm Bot customer in the UAE. Could you give me some tips?