How can this happen?

My Farmbot sometimes sends pings to the US, that are received before they are sent by the bot. Is this a new area of physics, that will revolutionise our perception of time?

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That connectivity picture actually shows pings sent counter exceeds pings received :man_shrugging:

Why would counter exceeds be called “best time”? I was reading it as the"best time" for a ping reply was -247ms


Thanks for clarifying your observations ! You’ve found a little bug ( behaviour / documentation ) :wink:

@dmbgo Please use your new time machine responsibly :sweat_smile:. In all seriousness, there is probably an issue somewhere in the stack relating to timestamps. I’ve never seen this before and I am unsure what could have caused it.

The pings work by:

  • Browser creates a Unix timestamp.
  • Send the timestamp to the device via MQTT
  • Generate a second timestamp when the device sends an OK message response over MQTT
  • Subtract the second timestamp from the first timestamp.

We will take a look to see what happened in your case.

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