How do I change my email address?


FARMBOT OS: Version 12.2.0
Farmduino (Express v1.0)

What I wanna do

I wanna change my name and email.

This document says " Manage your account and app settings :computer: Open this page in the app", but I opened, it shows “Page Not Found.”

Then, I found account settings, and I entered new name and email address.


Then, pop-up message says “Success Please check your email to confirm email address changes.”

So then…, I have no idea to do next. Even if I logout in this state, my name and email address will remain the same as before. Do I receive emails from the system? I looked for in my inbox and found nothing.

Best regards.

Did you check both inboxes ? ( new and previous ) :slight_smile:

I just tested this . . same results as you @takesue.y. I think some software or the outgoing mail node is broken.

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@jsimmonds @takesue.y

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will investigate the matter today.

@takesue.y The problem is fixed. Thanks again for reporting the problem :+1:


@jsimmonds @RickCarlino
Thank you for your investigating and fixing it.:slight_smile:


I assisted a school in setting up their FarmBot. A personal email (test account) was used in the interim. Time to transition to the teacher but I’m encountering the same issue. I can edit the email field but the original address just keeps reverting back. @RickCarlino, can you assist on the back-end? Please let me know best contact method. Thanks for all assistance in advance.

@SGTX The email system is working and I was able to successfully change my account email address just now:


Most likely, there is a problem on the remote end with spam filtering. For security reasons, we do not assist customers with email changes and password resets. Here is a quick reminder on how to change a device’s password:

  • Power the device down
  • Enter the new email address in the email portion of the device settings page.
  • (Important) Click out of the text box. You will see a green “toast” message like the image above.
  • A verification email will arrive (see screenshot above). Click the link. Check the spam folder (or contact the school’s IT department) if the email does not arrive.
  • (Important) Before powering the device back on, perform a “hard reset” of the SD Card. Your settings are safely stored on the server so there is no risk of data loss.

To verify that the school’s email servers allow mail from, you could also try creating a new account and then deleting it. If the new account registration email does not appear, that would be a sign that there is a problem on the remote end.

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Great information, thanks @RickCarlino. Interestingly, the message never arrived (at least not in SPAM/Junk folder or other) to our GMAIL test account but did to an MS-hosted one (in Junk). I’ll check with our district team, as the address is a district domain one. I’m betting, as you stated, that the inbound mail could be getting quarantined. Thanks again for your assistance.

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No problem @SGTX ! Additionally, I did see an “EMAIL ALREADY IN USE” error in the server logs this morning. I don’t know if that was you or not, but perhaps you are trying to change emails to an account that was already registered? If that is the case:

  • Perform a password reset on the target account
  • Log in to that account and delete it.
  • Continue the email change on the pre-setup account you want to transfer.
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Thanks @RickCarlino, all good now. The email was quarantined temporarily.

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