How do I change my email address?


FARMBOT OS: Version 12.2.0
Farmduino (Express v1.0)

What I wanna do

I wanna change my name and email.

This document says " Manage your account and app settings :computer: Open this page in the app", but I opened, it shows “Page Not Found.”

Then, I found account settings, and I entered new name and email address.


Then, pop-up message says “Success Please check your email to confirm email address changes.”

So then…, I have no idea to do next. Even if I logout in this state, my name and email address will remain the same as before. Do I receive emails from the system? I looked for in my inbox and found nothing.

Best regards.

Did you check both inboxes ? ( new and previous ) :slight_smile:

I just tested this . . same results as you @takesue.y. I think some software or the outgoing mail node is broken.

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@jsimmonds @takesue.y

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will investigate the matter today.

@takesue.y The problem is fixed. Thanks again for reporting the problem :+1:


@jsimmonds @RickCarlino
Thank you for your investigating and fixing it.:slight_smile: