How do I upgrade FarmBot OS?

  • FarmBot Express
  • Farmbot OS version: 10.0.0

The following sentence was displayed in blue at the bottom of the screen.

Please upgrade
Your version of FarmBot OS is oudated and will soon no longer be supported. Please update your device as soon as possible.

I went to Settings > FarmBot > FARMBOT OS, and clicked UPDATE button. However, following sentence was displayed.

Error for updates failed.

FARMBOT INFO is Version:v10.0.0. Is My FarmBot not updated? or Is “Please upgrade” message wrong?

Hi @takesue.y and welcome !

Is your FarmBot Express currently working Ok ?

Here’s a link to the latest Documentation which shows how to install a version of FBOS onto a microSDHC flash card. Beware that the YouTube video refers to a Genesis FarmBot and Not your Express model.

Hi, @jsimmonds.

Actually, my farmbot doesn’t work as I expect. It frequently shut down and up.

It means should I rewrite FarmBot OS onto the microSD card?

Yes, your Express needs to be running the current released FBOS version 10.1.4
Ensure that there is good to strong WiFi signal at the FarmBot location, as well.

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Thanks for your advices. I will try it.

@takesue.y better to flash latest FBOS than to spend more time trying to make OverTheAir (OTA) update work. ( 10.0.0 => 10.1.4 should work, but if the WiFi signal at your Express site is poor / weak then at least, once your bot is on 10.1.4 we can address that )

I updated FarmBotOS to 10.1.4 by writing the microSD card.
The “Please upgrade” message has be not displayed. It seems to work stably for now.

I have one question more. Why did not FarmBotOS Update work by clicking an “UPDATE” button? Due to my WiFi was weak?

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I have insufficient knowledge to reply. I think your question is best answered by the FarmBot Inc.Software Development Team :slight_smile:


@takesue.y Sometimes due to network outages a device will be marked as “Unhealthy” and be unable to auto update using the UI. We are working on a fix for this in an upcoming release. I have fixed this remotely on my end for your account.

Please let us know in a new thread if you are still having problems with your device that are not related to FBOS updates.